Welcome to the future of Pipeline Disinfection, an Innovation developed by Schur & Yorkshire Water over 15 years ago.

STERI-KLENZE uses 99.6% less water

STERI-KLENZE is 95% faster than the traditional “flooding” method.

STERI-KLENZE is environmentally friendly as well as saving time.

STERI-KLENZE works with standard Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) a proven and accepted product used within the potable water supply network. STERI-KLENZE is fully automatic and requires only a small generator for power.

STERI-KLENZE Significantly reduces the amount of water used during pipeline disinfection which in turn has a positive effect on the environment as well as huge cost and time saving advantages.


  • 95% faster (than flooding methods)
  • Uses 99.6% less water (than flooding methods)
  • Very environmentally friendly compared to the flood method
  • Fully automatic operation, fully PLC controlled, all electric.
  • Fully proven over 15 years of use
  • Supplied ready for site use with a generator (no compressor required)
  • Small footprint
  • Real time monitoring with email & GPS
  • Our ultra reliable S-COMS system is used to control the application
  • Nylon skids ensure no pipe or coating damage during use

During use the STERI-KLENZE system collects quality assurance data and stores this data ready for emailing after completion of the disinfection process.


  • 150mm (6”) pipe 150m long
  • Theoretical thickness = 0.4mm 
  • Total water needed for Disinfection = 28 Litres
  • No standing time required
  • Reconnect pipe back to the network, after 15 minute flushing time

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