As the market leaders, we supply proven and trusted Pipe Cleaning Equipment. We offer various pipe cleaning tools that will effectively remove corrosion and debris from the internal surface of pipes within a diameter range of 32mm to 1200mm.

Contact us today to see how we can help you clean your pipelines.


Our Pipe Cleaning Machine (MK3) is the only machine of this type that has been fully redesigned from the ground up using the latest 3D software. Every aspect of the machine has been reconfigured, upgraded & optimised to offer unrivalled performance & safety. The machine is also a massive 1.5m shorter than all others, making it much easier to move around on site.

Fully CE marked – super safe and easy to use


Our Pipe Scrapers are designed to clean pipes from 32mm uo to 1200mm in diameter. Super heavy duty design & proven all around the world. As with all our equipment, all our scrapers are made in house to exacting standards.

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