A Revolutionary New Intelligent Pipe Lining System Offering Many Benefits.

Unlike “Tracked systems” CLEVER-COATER will apply an accurate coating thickness at the pipe bend, keeping the coating thickness within specification.

Don’t be fooled by “off the shelf” tracked crawlers with a coating head stuck on the front, these systems will not keep the coating thickness within specification. Using a tracked crawler, the applied coating will be out of specification at the pipe bend, check it and see !

CLEVER COATER is a new system designed from the ground up to ensure an accurate coating thickness is maintained throughout the entire length of the pipe.

  • Uniquely, using proprietary systems, we can apply an accurate coating thickness even at the pipe bend.
  • On board flow meters (world 1st, monitoring ratio at the point of application)
  • On board camera & speed encoder
  • Coating around pipe bends
  • Automatic start stop system
  • Modular, will accept numerous other attachments

pipe coating



(Coming aug 2022)
SCHUR LTD are proud to announce the development of new and exciting benefits to the worlds favourite Pipe Lining Rigs, many of these benefits have been requested over the years by contractors and water companies alike. CLEVER-COATER is designed to revolutionise the trenchless pipe lining operation, amongst other things and for the first time ever, CLEVER-COATER will bring accurate coating application / coating thickness to pipe bends.

For the first time ever:

  • industry 1st – accurate coating thickness at the pipe bend, no other company can offer this
  • Industry 1st – Real time Flow & Ratio monitoring at the point of application (massive increase in ratio assurance)
  • On-board Camera offering a live feed during coating
  • Industry 1st – Highly accurate lining thickness using data collected at the application head
  • Industry 1st – Super smooth Linings- zero rings – runs on individually powered tracks / wheels
  • Industry 1st – Able to negotiate various Pipe bends & vertical climbing

Other benefits:

  • Coating Rig could be used to replace CCTV equipment
  • Modular system that will allow 3D pipe scanning  / Pipe cleaning in the future
  • Works with our industry 1st A.V.O.S Automatic Coating Launch System

12 months in the design phase, now beginning the build phase with a view to testing Aug 2022

Other items to be added will include 3D scanning, self-centering systems for the coating head and a pipe joint sealing device.

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